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If you are tired of looking for a local dentist you haven’t been to Avenue Dental in Everett. This amazing dentist’s office has all of the tools you need regardless of how many people live in your household.

Avenue Dental Care is a dental practice that you can trust when it comes to the oral health of you, your children and the rest of your family.

Family Care from Your Local Dentist

Every member of your family will be looked after whether you have a toddler who has just cut his first tooth or a partner who needs to consider dental implants.

Avenue Dental Care can even help your mother who has been wearing dentures for years. Whatever the issue this local dentist is ready to get to the task at hand.

All on 4s

If your mother, you or someone else in the household has been wearing dentures schedule an appointment for All on 4s in Everett.

All on 4s are remarkable and suitable for nearly everyone, even those who wear dentures and people who have been missing teeth for years.

All on 4s are teeth in a day for most people. What that means is you or someone you love can walk into the dentist’s office in Everett and walk out with a brand new set of teeth.

In the past people with missing teeth and dentures usually had to have bone grafting surgery before implant placement. This is because tooth loss leads to bone loss.

With most patients there is no need for bone grafting when it comes to All on 4s dental implant placement.

Loving Your Local Dentist

When your mother is able to enjoy the foods she loves because of Avenue Dental Care and All on 4s you will quickly learn that you made the right choice when it comes to choosing a local dentist.

Everyone in the family will learn that this Everett dentist is the right dentist. In fact, even your moody teenage daughter who has been begging for Invisalign®.

Sadly most teens are ordering clear braces online. This is truly the worst thing for teeth as tooth straightening moves the jaw as well. This type of treatment must be overseen by a local dentist.

Invisalign® from your Local Dentist

Avenue Dental Care can provide your daughter with clear braces that are safe and effective. Invisalign® is the oldest and most respected removable braces system and perfect for your teen.

As you can see Avenue Dental Care has everything you need when it comes to a local dentist. Send a direct message and see why everyone loves this dentist.