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A Local Dentist for Your Family

If you are tired of looking for a local dentist you haven’t been to Avenue Dental in Everett. This amazing dentist’s office has all of the tools you need regardless of how many people live in your household.

Avenue Dental Care is a dental practice that you can trust when it comes to the oral health of you, your children and the rest of your family.

Family Care from Your Local Dentist

Every member of your family will be looked after whether you have a toddler who has just cut his first tooth or a partner who needs to consider dental implants.

Avenue Dental Care can even help your mother who has been wearing dentures for years. Whatever the issue this local dentist is ready to get to the task at hand.

All on 4s

If your mother, you or someone else in the household has been wearing dentures schedule an appointment for All on 4s in Everett.

All on 4s are remarkable and suitable for nearly everyone, even those who wear dentures and people who have been missing teeth for years.

All on 4s are teeth in a day for most people. What that means is you or someone you love can walk into the dentist’s office in Everett and walk out with a brand new set of teeth.

In the past people with missing teeth and dentures usually had to have bone grafting surgery before implant placement. This is because tooth loss leads to bone loss.

With most patients there is no need for bone grafting when it comes to All on 4s dental implant placement.

Loving Your Local Dentist

When your mother is able to enjoy the foods she loves because of Avenue Dental Care and All on 4s you will quickly learn that you made the right choice when it comes to choosing a local dentist.

Everyone in the family will learn that this Everett dentist is the right dentist. In fact, even your moody teenage daughter who has been begging for Invisalign®.

Sadly most teens are ordering clear braces online. This is truly the worst thing for teeth as tooth straightening moves the jaw as well. This type of treatment must be overseen by a local dentist.

Invisalign® from your Local Dentist

Avenue Dental Care can provide your daughter with clear braces that are safe and effective. Invisalign® is the oldest and most respected removable braces system and perfect for your teen.

As you can see Avenue Dental Care has everything you need when it comes to a local dentist. Send a direct message and see why everyone loves this dentist.





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A Smile Makeover Will Do the Trick

If a smile makeover has been on your mind for a while now schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care.

The team of doctors from this cosmetic dentistry practice in Everett has what it takes to give you the smile that you have always wanted.

Smile Makeover for Confidence

Because your smile is the first thing someone notices it is important that you are happy with yours. When you are happy it shows.

If you aren’t, you most likely have a tendency to cover your mouth when you talk or smile with it closed. If this sounds like you it obviously takes a toll on your self-esteem.

Thankfully Avenue Dental Care can fix all of that with a no judgement smile makeover to give you your life back.

Whether you have a mouthful of stained teeth or you are missing the majority of them the team from this cosmetic dental practice in Everett can take care of it all. Best of all you won’t have to run all over town just to finish your smile makeover.

Depending on what condition your teeth and gums are in Avenue Dental Care will consider the following for your teeth and gums restoration process

Some or all of the treatments below may be recommended:
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Bonding
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • All on 4s
  • Orthodontics
  • Clear Removable Braces
  • Same Day Dentistry
  • Dental Bonding
  • Enamel Shaping
  • Gummy Smile Repair
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you sit down with your cosmetic dentist the two of you will talk about what types of solutions would be best for you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything at once.

Avenue Dental Care will take care of the most pertinent issues first. That means any gum disease or tooth decay.

Once the issues are dealt with the two of you can talk about what needs to be done next when it comes to your cosmetic dentistry schedule for your smile makeover.

Smile for Life

One of the biggest advantages of a healthy smile is a healthy body. Studies indicate a real connection between your mouth and body. If your mouth is sick chances are your body will be too.

Schedule an appointment for a checkup and a smile makeover. The possibilities are endless when you work with Avenue Dental Care in Everett.

Make an appointment with Avenue Dental Care today.



AllOn4DentalImplants (Avenue Dental Care) Washington Dentists
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Implants for Everyone Including You

If you have always thought you weren’t a good candidate for dental implants think again. According to Avenue Dental in Everett nearly everyone. Morever, even those with dentures could be an excellent match for dental implants.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

If you have teeth that are failing or you have missing teeth you could be in the second stage of your surgery, the healing part.

In other words, you could already have had the procedure because of an amazing solution called All on 4s.

All on 4s are remarkable in that they replace all of your teeth in one surgery. What’s even better is that some will be able to have teeth removed and replaced at the same time

For the best in dental care you can’t beat All on 4’s. This remarkable replacement for missing teeth means 4 posts on the top and bottom made from beautiful arches with teeth that are already attached.

Your broken and battered smile will be replaced with functional permanent dentures that eliminate the need for adhesives and pastes. Dental implants have certainly come along way and that is certainly the case with All on 4s in Everett WA.

All on 4s and More

Of course if you are only missing one or two teeth Avenue Dental can help you there as well. You see, Dr. and his team offer single and multiple dental implants made from titanium or Zirconia.

Healing will take between 6 to 12 weeks. According to Avenue Dental you will require additional time to heal if you are having other types of surgery.

Other types of surgery include bone graft surgery. Bone grafting is used if you do not have enough bone in your upper or lower jaw to support the dental implant.

Single and multiple dental implants work wonders and replace dental bridges and dentures. While both of those solutions are better than none at all, dental implants are the strongest replacement because they fuse to the bone.

If you follow this dental blog you will recall that osseointegration happens when the post is placed on or in the bone. This is what needs to happen before artificial teeth are placed on top of the screws.

Dental Implants Everett WA

For more information regarding dental implants in Everett send a direct message. Avenue Dental is ready to help you replace missing teeth with conventional implants or All on 4s. Send a direct message today.

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Dental Implants Dentist for Permanent Teeth

Avenue Dental in Everett is your one stop shop for all things including dental implants for missing teeth. Offering single and multiple tooth replacements you are in the right hands whether you want to replace one tooth or have a mouthful of failing teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth is Vital

Each tooth plays a role in your mouth. If one has decided to leave the other teeth will do their best to fill the gap. For example if you lose a lower back tooth the upper tooth will move into position.

With dental implants you won’t have to worry about other teeth. Although your remaining teeth may think they are helping each other they are only making things worse.

Replacing missing teeth is as easy as one two three with this implant dentist in Everett. Despite the fact that there are other replacements such as dentures and bridges nothing is as strong and lifelike.

Replacing missing teeth means a healthier mouth and a healthier body as well. According to the team from Avenue Dental the more teeth you have the longer life you will live. Moreover, research indicates people who have more teeth live longer. That’s a fact whether they are natural or not.

Dental Implants Making Life Easier

Because your dental implants are made from titanium or Zirconia they actually fuse to the bone. What that means for you is a lifetime of comfort as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

Good oral hygiene means daily brushing and flossing of course, but it is much more than that.

Good oral health habits means eating a diet loaded with vitamins and minerals and regular checkups with your dentist.

In addition be sure to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, even if you have dental implants or All on 4s.

Pay Attention to All of your Teeth

Avenue Dental recommends that you examine your teeth and oral cavity. This keeps you out of trouble. While most people have no worries with dental implants there are those who experience failure.

Your implant dentist in Everett explains that resuming lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may impede healing. This could lead to dental implant failure.

If you notice the least bit of swelling or bleeding gums call and schedule an appointment. It’s a fact that the longer you leave something the worse it will get. It’s also a fact that people with dental implants can suffer from periodontal disease.

Dental Implants Dentist Everett

For more information regarding dental implants, call or send a direct message and schedule a consultation with Avenue Dental today.



AllOn4DentalImplants (Avenue Dental Care) Washington Dentists
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All on 4s a Natural Replacement

Back in the day people who with missing teeth and those with dentures didn’t have many options. It was pretty much dentures, partial dentures or dental bridges. Back then there was no such thing as All on 4s either.

Thankfully things have changed with dental implants in Everett leading the way. However, these days’ even people who haven’t had the luxury of teeth for years can still qualify for All on 4 dental implants.

All on 4s are Phenomenal

Avenue Dental in Everett has dental implants for everyone including those who wear dentures. Because of bone loss, which is natural with missing teeth, people had to endure bone grafting surgery along with dental implant surgery.

A natural process with tooth loss, bone loss occurs because there is nothing to hold the tooth root into place. This is because the tooth root exercises the bone.

The same thing occurs with a dental screw or post. Made from titanium or Zirconia, dental implants fuse to the bone over time.

This is called osseointegration and is successful 95 to 96 percent of the time. However, if people smoke or take medications that impede healing, there is a risk of dental implant failure.

Why All On 4s

Because All on 4s are suitable for nearly everyone they make the perfect choice. Whether you have failing teeth, have been wearing dentures for years or just want to make the move and get rid of your broken smile All on 4s could be the answer.

These tooth replacements consist of two arches that hold two rows of artificial teeth. The teeth are on plates and surgically implanted into your jawbone with four screws, hence the name.

All on 4s, affectionately known as Teeth in a Day take a single day for placement. In fact, in most cases people who are having teeth pulled are able to have All on 4s placed on the same day. What that means is a brand new set of teeth in a single dental appointment.

Dental Implants in Everett

Your dentist in Everett is an expert when it comes to dental implant placement. When you schedule a consultation you and your Dr. will have a chat and discuss the best type of replacement for you and your teeth and gums. Those replacements could be anything from single and dental implants to multiple dental implants and All on 4s.

If you would like more information send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental today.