If you are missing teeth and would like your life back call and schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care for dental implants. Just a single lost tooth can change your entire smile and your attitude.

A smile a day really does keep the doctor away, but if yours isn’t turned up the way it should be it could be affecting your life as well.

Missing Teeth and Overall Health

Oral and overall health is connected. Cracked and chipped teeth, not to mention gum disease, can have a significant impact on the rest of your body. Your mouth really does lead to everywhere else, including your heart.

Research shows that gum disease is linked to heart disease and stroke. Studies also indicate a connection between periodontitis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and heart attack. It’s interesting to note that people with COPD have a higher incidence of gum disease as well.

What Causes Gum Disease and Cavities

Both are caused by bacteria and infection. Poor hygiene is the leading cause of both cavities and gum disease.

If you have gum disease the infection will start in the gum tissue and will eventually infect the bone that supports your tooth. The gum tissue that surrounds your teeth and the bone that sits just under your gums is what keeps you from losing your teeth.

You Don’t Have to Live with Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth because of decay and gum disease you are not alone. According to Avenue Dental Care millions of people across the United States have some form of gum disease and tooth loss. Happily, you don’t have to live with missing teeth, even if they have been gone for some time.

The dental implant specialists in Washington have the experience to recommend the best replacement for your smile.

For example, if you are missing a single tooth, or about to lose a tooth Avenue Dental Care will recommend a single dental implant. If you are missing two or more teeth multiples will be the way to go.

In the past, people who had bone loss had to deal with bone grafting before dental implants. Modern dental technology has changed all of that with the All on 4 Dental Implant System.

A Healthier Smile with Dental Implants

If you have broken, chipped, damaged or cracked teeth and have been considering dental implants, call or send a text to Avenue Dental Care.

A dental implant consultation in Washington will determine why procedure would be best for you and your smile. Call and schedule a no obligation dental implant consultation with Avenue Dental today.