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Family Dentistry You Can Trust

For the best in family dentistry in Puyallup and Everett, you can’t go past Avenue Dental Care. Every member of your family will be delighted to go to the dentist, even those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Dedicated to oral health the doctors from this family dentistry practice in Everett and Puyallup have what it takes when it comes to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Family Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty. However, not all dentists in Puyallup or Everett for that matter understand the significance.

Placing veneers and cosmetic crowns is an art and a science that requires additional education. If you are seeing an Everett or Puyallup family dentist that is hesitant when it comes to cosmetic dentistry it’s time to find a new one.

Your Initial Consultation

Whether you are in for a checkup or want a consultation for cosmetic dentistry your dentists will have a chat, discuss your overall and oral health and examine your smile. In addition to your teeth and gums Avenue Dental Care will evaluate your chewing system. This includes the muscles, tendons, nerves, jaw joints and bite.

If you have a bad bite or suffer from a temporomandibular joint disorder, this will cause issues for natural teeth and dental restorations.

Because TMJD, cross, under and overbites can lead to bruxism, chronic grinding, your teeth will pay the price. If your teeth are ground down your dental restorations will be as well.

Once your examination is complete you and your dentist in Puyallup will come up with a plan for your new smile. That plan could include anything from implants to orthodontics.

Other types of cosmetics that your Everett family dentist may recommend include:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Dental Crowns
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Snap on Smile
  • Inlays and/or Onlays
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Bridges
  • Gummy Smile Repair
  • Dental Bonding
  • Enamel Shaping
  • All on 4 Dental Implants
  • Full Mouth Makeover

Cosmetics and Family Dentistry

The best family dentistry offers patients more than just restorative care. A good family dentist also has the training to provide you and your household with quality cosmetic dental care as well.

When you become a patient of Avenue Dental Care you will quickly realise that you have made the right choice for you and your family.

Puyallup Everett Family Dentist

If you would like to learn more about cosmetics and family dentistry, send a direct message. Avenue Dental Care is ready to take you and your smile to the next level.

Schedule an appointment today.