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Annual Dental Care Day Everett WA

Forever giving back to the community, Avenue Dental Care is proud to announce the Second Annual Dental Care Day.

Scheduled for September 11, 2021, this awesome event is just another way Avenue Dental Care gives back to Everett.

Giving Back in the Best Way

These days most people could use a helping hand, especially when it comes to dental care. On Saturday September 11, Avenue Dental Care is opening its doors to people who can’t afford dental care.

From 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday September 11, you and your family and friends can take care of dental problems for free. As a result, everyone can get the dental exam they need without worrying about money.

Whatever the issue you’ll get the treatment and recommendations you need to pave the way for healthy teeth and gums.

No Cost Dental Care Day in Everett

Avoiding much needed dentistry in Everett because you couldn’t afford it isn’t an issue thanks to Dental Care Day.

As caring doctors, Avenue Dental Care realizes that some aren’t able to take care of toothaches much less bleeding gums. Whether it’s insurance or the means to even join a dental club.

As most know dental problems will only get worse. A simple filling becomes a large restoration and crown while gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease.

With the no cost Dental Care Day you and your family will receive the dental checkup that you couldn’t afford when you needed it the most.

Community First with Avenue Dental Care

Avenue Dental Care in Everett has always put the community first reaching out whenever and wherever possible.

The second annual Dental Care Day in Everett WA is just one of the many ways the doctors and team gives thanks to the community.

If you would like to learn more call or text and talk to a team member from Avenue Dental today.

Whatever the issue you can rest assured the licensed and dedicated team of dental professionals in Everett is committed to the health of you and your family. There is no end to what the team won’t do.

What You Can Expect From Avenue Dental

Expert dentistry is what you will find at Avenue Dental in Everett. From implants to endodontics, every patient is treated as an Avenue Dental Care family member.

The team understands that every patient is unique offering customized restorative and cosmetic solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Call or text and find out more information about Dental Care Day in Everett now.