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How Your Smile Changes Through the Years

Your smile is a vital part of your health and well-being. It impacts not just your confidence but also your ability to chew and speak effectively. But did you know that your dental needs change throughout your life?

A Smile for the Rest of Your Life

Avenue Dental Care explains that from childhood to adulthood and beyond, understanding these shifts is essential for maintaining optimal oral health.

Childhood Ages 1-12

This is a crucial time for establishing healthy dental habits. As your baby teeth erupt, focus on gentle cleaning with a soft-bristled brush and water. Around age two, introduce fluoride toothpaste and schedule your child’s first dental visit. Your Puyallup dentist can guide you on proper brushing techniques and identify any potential issues early on. As permanent teeth come in, flossing becomes important, and regular checkups ensure proper development.

Teenage Years Ages 13-19

During this time, hormonal changes can affect your gums, making them more susceptible to gum disease. Consistent brushing and flossing, along with regular cleanings at your family dentist, is the key to preventing gum disease. This might also be the time to consider orthodontic treatment if you have misaligned teeth. Avenue Dental Care may recommend braces or clear aligners to achieve a healthy and confident smile.

Young Adulthood Ages 20-39

By now, you’ve hopefully established a solid dental care routine. However, life can get busy, and skipping cleanings might become tempting. Remember, consistent checkups are vital for catching cavities and gum disease early. This is also the age where wisdom teeth typically erupt. Depending on their position and impact on your smile, your dentist in Everett might recommend extraction.

Adulthood Ages 40 and Up

As you age, your gums may recede, exposing the root surfaces of your teeth. This can make them more sensitive and prone to decay. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments can help prevent these issues. Additionally, you might experience tooth wear, especially if you grind your teeth at night. Talk to your dentist about night guards to protect your smile from further damage.

Mature Adulthood Ages 65 and Up

Dry mouth, a common side effect of certain medications, can increase your risk of cavities. Staying hydrated and using mouthwash specifically formulated for dry mouth can help. Additionally, some medications can affect your gums, making them more susceptible to infection. Be sure to disclose all medications you take to your dentist. Dentures or dental implants might become necessary if you’ve lost teeth throughout your life.

Smile for Life with Avenue Dental Care

No matter your age, having a trusted family dentist by your side is crucial. A dentist in Avenue Dental Care can provide comprehensive care for every stage of life, ensuring a healthy and confident smile for years to come.

Schedule an appointment and embark on a journey of lifelong oral health today.


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Senior Dental Care Crucial for a Healthy Life

Senior dental care is essential for oral and overall health. Avenue Dental Care, serving the communities of Everett and Puyallup, is a local dentist who provides comprehensive dental services tailored to the unique needs of older adults.

Age-Related Dental Challenges

As people age, they become more susceptible to various dental problems such as gum disease, tooth loss, and oral infections.

It’s essential for seniors to schedule regular dental check-ups to catch potential issues early on. This helps prevent problems from escalating.

Maintaining Overall Health

Poor dental health can have a significant impact on a person’s overall well-being. Neglected dental problems may lead to complications like malnutrition, speech difficulties, and a decline in self-confidence. Regular dental care can help seniors maintain their overall health and vitality.

Preventing Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be a common concern among seniors, affecting the ability to chew, speak, and smile comfortably. With appropriate preventive measures and dental treatments, seniors in Everett can reduce the risk of tooth loss and preserve natural teeth longer.

Avenue Dental Care for Senior Dental Care

Avenue Dental Care in Puyallup boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists. These are Doctors who understand senior dental care.

This senior dentist in Everett provides personalized care and treatment plans tailored to each individual’s requirements.

Comprehensive Dental Services

From routine dental check-ups and cleanings to advanced treatments like dental implants, Avenue Dental Care offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of senior patients.

The All on 4 Dental Implant Concept

All on 4s is an innovative dental implant technique that allows the full restoration of a patient’s upper or lower arch of teeth using only four strategically placed implants.

This technique is an excellent solution for seniors with multiple missing teeth or those who require full-mouth rehabilitation in Puyallup or Everett.

Advantages of All on 4s

  • Enhanced Stability: All on 4s provide a stable and secure foundation for artificial teeth, ensuring they remain firmly in place.
  • Improved Chewing Ability: Seniors can enjoy their favorite foods without worry, as All on 4s restore natural biting and chewing function.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: These implants provide a natural-looking smile, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Patient-Centered Care

Senior dental care plays a vital role in maintaining oral health and overall well-being. Avenue Dental Care, serving Everett and Puyallup, offers comprehensive dental services, including advanced treatments like All on 4s dental implants.

Work with a dentist that understands senior dental care and schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care today.


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Early Dental Care is Crucial

Maintaining good oral health is crucial for overall well-being, and early dental care plays a vital role in establishing lifelong habits.

With our experienced team of dentists and state-of-the-art facilities, we prioritize patient comfort, and personalized treatments. Whether you’re looking for a dentist in Everett or Puyallup, our dental offices are here to serve you.

Why Early Visits Matters

Early visits set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. It’s recommended to bring your child for their first visit by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth eruption.

By introducing regular dental check-ups and preventive treatments early on, this team of dentists in Everett can detect and address any potential issues, such as tooth decay, misalignment, or gum disease, before they worsen.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry Services

At our dental offices in Everett and Puyallup, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your family’s dental needs. Our skilled dentists are experienced in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and more.

Whether you require routine cleanings and exams, teeth whitening, dental implants, or braces, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional care tailored to your individual needs.

Making All the Difference in the World

When you choose Avenue Dental Care, you can expect a patient-centered approach that prioritizes your comfort and convenience.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team creates a welcoming atmosphere to ensure your dental experience is positive and stress-free.

We utilize advanced dental technology to enhance diagnosis and treatment planning, providing accurate and efficient care.

Our dentists take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide personalized treatment options that fit your goals and budget.

Convenient Locations

With our dental offices located in Everett and Puyallup, we strive to make quality dental care accessible to the surrounding communities.

Whether you reside in Everett or Puyallup or the neighboring areas, our conveniently located offices are easily accessible and offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Choose Avenue Dental Care for Your Family’s Oral Health

With a commitment to early dental care, comprehensive services, patient-centered approach, and convenient locations, we are your trusted choice for dental care in Everett and Puyallup.

Contact our dentists’ offices and schedule an appointment and embark on a journey towards optimal oral health for your entire family today.


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Cosmetic Dentistry for Teens and Adults

At Avenue Dental Care you can count on the best.  Whether you are in search of a family dentist, or looking for a doctor to give you a complete smile makeover using cosmetic dentistry you’ve come to the right practice.

With locations in Puyallup and Everett, Avenue Dental Care is dedicated to family and cosmetics for everyone. Avenue Dental Care offers the most advanced dental technology available.

A  Dentist Can Change Everything

One of the best things about this dentist’s office in Everett and Puyallup is service. If you have a teenager who is looking for a change you won’t need a referral.

From veneers and whitening solutions to crowns Avenue Dental Care is here to help with cosmetic dentistry.

If the problem is crooked or tipped teeth and you are tired of listening to your 17 year old talk about DIY aligners from her social media pages, talk to Dr. Varun Sharma, Dr. Arpita Sharma or Dr. Vikas Puri about Invisalign.

Made for teens and adults, Invisalign is the best way to get the job done because it is monitored.

Virtual Cosmetic Dentistry

Another big plus when it comes to this Puyallup and Everett dentist is convenience. Thanks to technology you can get recommendations finding out what solutions would be best for you. With a Virtual Smile Consultation you will get advice based on a selfie and answers to a few questions.

The Virtual Smile Design is so easy you will wonder why you hadn’t tried it before. After you submit the required information all you have to do is wait for a response.

Dr. Varun Sharma, Dr. Arpita Sharma or Dr. Vikas Puri will look at your picture and answers to questions before setting up a time for your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Your consultation can take place in the doctor’s office in Everett or via VideoChat from anywhere. There has never been an easier way to talk to a real dentist in Puyallup.

In Office Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

With an in office cosmetic dentistry consultation you will get a thorough examination. Dr. Varun Sharma, Dr. Arpita Sharma or Dr. Vikas Puri will talk about your medical and oral health history before talking about the changes that you would like to see with your teeth and gums.

Once you have come up with a plan you can start on your journey.

If cosmetic dentistry is something you are considering schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care today.


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A Snap On Smile in Everett

Dentures aren’t the most comfortable dental appliance in the world. For some they are downright problematic from the sores to the shifting. Thankfully a Snap on Smile with All on 4s solves the problem

With that being said those same people are probably not suitable for dental implants. However, nearly everyone is a good candidate for a Snap on Smile from Avenue Dental Care.

What is a Snap on Smile?

All on 4s are incredible and feel like real teeth. In fact, a Snap On Smile from Avenue Dental Care are the best way to, “Road Test,” your new grin.

Stabilized overdentures are removable dentures with two to four locators on the bottom of the arch or plate.

The plate attaches to implant abutments. This prevents rubbing, shifting and rocking because the locators keep the dental appliance in place and secure.

Snap on Dentures or All on 4s in Everett clip into place and are easy to take care of. All you have to do is take your Snap on Smile off at night and give it a clean just like you would with conventional dentures.

Because your dentures snap on you won’t have to worry about messy adhesives to keep them in place either.

Overdentures a Great Solution

Depending on your smile the dental implant dentists in Everett will place two to four implants for maximum stabilization.

All on 4s are perfect for patients who want to stabilize what they already have. Snap on dentures are also perfect for people who have jawbone loss.

Once the implants are placed, your implant dental team will create new dentures to fit on the implants. In some cases the dentures you have now may be able to be retrofitted or modified to snap into place.

All on 4s for the Win

Having permanent dentures, when correctly placed feel just like real teeth. They look just like real teeth as well. Quite frankly, in this day and age no one needs to know you are wearing dentures and that’s what makes the Snap on Smile so perfect.

The best way to determine what type of tooth replacement is best for you is to schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care in Everett. When you do you will get the best advice when it comes to missing teeth and replacement options.

Snap on Smile in Everett

For more information regarding a Snap on Smile with All on 4s, conventional dental implants or anything else, schedule a consultation with Avenue Dental Care in Everett today.


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