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Sleep Apnea is a Serious Issue

Sleep apnea is one of the biggest health issues on the planet. Why do you ask, because 80 percent of those who have it aren’t aware they are suffering from the potentially deadly disorder.

Sleeping alone is the biggest reason you may not know you suffer from a sleeping disorder.

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

People with the disorder wake up 30 or more times every hour so they can breathe. Unfortunately the episodes are so quick most don’t remember them.

Your dentist in Everett explains that you may have it if you snore or if you find yourself tired when you wake up after a supposedly good night’s sleep.

You could also be suffering if you wake up gasping for breath or you have cessations in breathing while you sleep. The later symptom is usually not noticed unless it is observed by someone else.

Sleep Apnea is Dangerous and Deadly

You may think that snoring is okay and not everyone who snores has sleep apnea. However, according to Avenue Dental Care snoring is a major sign of.

If you haven’t been diagnosed but are overweight see your doctor. 20 percent of those who carry too much weight also have sleep apnea. People with large necks are also in the high risk category.

In addition women after menopause, people with tonsils and adenoids and those who smoke and indulge in far too much alcohol at night will also notice signs of the sleeping disorder.

While central and OSA is rare in children it does happen. If you notice your child is tired or isn’t sleeping properly talk to your pediatrician about a sleep study referral.

Avenue Dental Care for Help

Your dentist in Everett is a licensed provider of dental sleep medicine for sleep apnea and other disorders including snoring.

Providing dental sleep medicine is just one more way that the caring team helps you and your family. You are in the best hands when you become a patient of Avenue Dental Care in Everett.

That help comes in the means of oral appliances such as splints and mouth guards. Unlike the one size fits all snoring and OSA mouth guards you find at the pharmacy custom made ones actually work.

If you or someone you know has sleep apnea call and schedule an appointment with Avenue Dental Care. It really will make a difference and could save your life or the life of someone you know.

Schedule an online appointment with Avenue Dental Care today.