Although bone grafting is necessary for some, others that require a full set of dental implants may not need it.

If you have missing teeth have you considered dental implants from Avenue Dental Care? As the best replacement they are no suitable for nearly everyone, even people who wear dentures.

Thanks to modern dental technology you or a member of your household can enjoy life with a full set of teeth.

Dental Implants Work

If you have been following the Avenue Dental blog you will remember that dental implants are posts, made from titanium or Zirconia, that are surgically implanted into or on the top of the jawbone.

While most people are suitable for this type of treatment some will require further surgery called bone grafting.

Bone grafting is used with there is not enough bone to hold the post in place. People who have been missing teeth for years and patients with dentures will most likely suffer from bone loss.

Although bone grafting is necessary for some, others that require a full set of dental implants may not need it.

All on 4s for Missing Teeth

One of the most remarkable treatments for patients with missing teeth is the All on 4 dental implants system from Avenue Dental Care in Everett and Avenue Dental Care in Puyallup.

Permanent prosthetic teeth are surgically placed in the jaw and gum line. Your new teeth act just like natural teeth and are just as strong as well.

Best of all because they are permanent you won’t have to rely on messy adhesives and cleaners.

Of course you will need to see your dentist regularly and clean your teeth but you won’t have to worry about your dentures flying out of your mouth at the most inopportune time.

More Comfortable and Secure

All on 4s from your implant dentist in Puyallup are much more comfortable than regular dentures as well. In addition because they act like natural teeth you won’t have that sunken in look like you do with dentures.

Both regular dental implants and All on 4s help restore your appearance while preventing periodontal disease and bone deterioration.

Dental Implants  for Everyone

On average the All on 4 dental implants surgery takes about two hours and thirty minutes to complete.

After surgery your Everett dentist will make a temporary dental bridge immediately after your posts are set. Once you have healed, which takes about 6 months, your new custom teeth are permanently placed giving you a beautiful and permanent smile.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants or All on 4s schedule a consultation today.